Warning: This story contains adult content, readers discretion advised. NSFW

This game is based on the experience of browsing writing.com, a site for writers. In the 'interactives' section, most of the stories there are incomplete as the writer intends for the reader to continue the story, which I am completely behind. That said it is still sort of irritating to keep going into a story,  as we build up to the climax, only to then be told that it was building up to a climax that doesn't exist.

So this is a compilation of some of the stories that I have constantly encountered this phenomena happening. So NSFW fan-fiction, of course.  All the authors have been credited and if the source is from another place this has also been noted.  All characters are copyright to their respective owners.

I have only compiled these stories, but also added a special feature, a conclusion.

To reach my conclusion you have to go through the paths in the right order. You'll know that you did this correctly once you reach the right place for the next part as the story will now acknowledge the existence of the other paths you traveled down, or at least the last one you were in,

Once you go through the paths in the correct order, you'll unlock my special ending, trust me you're in for a surprise.

Published Jun 08, 2017
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsFantasy, Sci-fi
Average sessionAbout an hour

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